Our Work


The actions of Esperanza International result in more than just the physical acts of home construction. Esperanza focuses on creating a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship between volunteers from the United States and the Esperanza communities in Mexico. This relationship is formed best by the unique volunteer experience that participants receive while working with Esperanza.

Volunteers interact with the community in a variety of unique ways that build a lasting impression of life in Mexico.  Families make lunch for volunteers every workday, providing a shared meal experience and a chance to participate in a little bit of daily life in the area.


Volunteers also participate in a variety of activities after the workday ranging from visiting health clinics or orphanages to going to facilities for those deported from the U.S.  These visits give volunteers a very broad view of the situation in Mexico–from daily life activities to the more complex social systems of the area.

Esperanza also works to assist individuals and communities that have the potential for becoming self-sustaining. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with those in need, Esperanza International has successfully forged long lasting relationships based on mutual respect and responsibility.


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