Fundación Esperanza de México

Our partner, Fundación Esperanza de México, A.C., was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization registered in Mexico with no religious or political affiliations.  Together, we harness volunteer sweat equity to stimulate sustainable development by building homes in solidarity with one another.

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If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.
But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.
- Lilla Watson, Indigenous Australian artist, activist and academic


To promote the development of needy communities interested in improving their quality of life, while encouraging voluntary participation through the support of housing projects and environmental care programs.


FEM team at an environmental fair

Executive Director
Monica Fragoso-Peralta

Community Social Workers
Graciela Bueno
Nicolasa Lucero

Volunteer Coordinator
Eduardo Zavala

Construction Technicians
Roberto Armeta
Lorenzo Perez

Office Management
Cuquis Zatarain
Mario Ortiz

Grant Writer
Karla Quiros

Posada Caretakers
Angel Meza
Enedina Silva

Long-Term Volunteers*

*three months to two years of service

Long-term volunteers Jonathan Cheever and Heidi Klise take a moment to relax

Year Volunteer(s)
1998 Julie Kline
2001 Karen Wilcynski
2002 Rebecca Soldana, James Santana and Robert Rivers
2003 Robert Rivers and Deepa Malleded
2004 Ted Colby and Mariah Hill
2005 Marcel Tam, Valentine Claudel and Martina Tam
2006 Emily Erickson and Rachel Adams
2007 Diàna Janicki and Ryan Schroer
2008 Aimee Khuu, Courtney Plummer and Ryan Schroer
2009 Claire Fuchs and Johannes (Juan) Wegmann
2010 Alysson Riutta, Monica Dykas and Kimberli Maria
2011 Kimberli Maria and Eric Reutter
2012 Alex Patton, Amy Christensen, Kelsey Burnett and Rena Starr
2013 Heidi Klise, Jonathan Cheever and Emily Sandbo
 2014 Johnny Alavez, Destry Seiler, Taryn Valley and Alexandra Cratsenberg
 2015  Alexandra Cratsenberg and Sean MacCarthy


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