Take the Esperanza Alumni Challenge!

Whether you’ve recently returned from working in Tijuana for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, we thank you for the love and labor you’ve brought to the Esperanza communities.

We hope you enjoyed working with the community members and Esperanza staff. While listening to their stories and learning more about the unique challenges they face, you most likely developed strong connections and made new friends.  Hopefully the conversations you had as well as visits to the border, orphanage, migrant house, and other evening activities raised questions and ignited a fire within you to do more.  Don’t lose that enthusiasm!

Take the Alumni Association challenge and do one activity a week for three months to remember Esperanza! 

Week one: take a one-minute shower
Week two: visit a local Mexican restaurant or make your own meal
Week three: share your pictures on social media or Instagram
Week four:
go without something to save money for your next trip
Week five: learn a new Spanish phrase
Week six: connect with someone who was in your group on the trip
Week seven: do some manual labor
Week eight: talk with three people about joining your group next year
Week nine: visit the Esperanza International website
Week ten: send Eduardo an e-mail or connect with Esperanza’s program director, Celina Rodriguez
Week eleven: connect with the long-term volunteer(s) from your trip
Week twelve: read an article about Mexico or Tijuana.  Here are some suggestions.  Article one, and two

St. John Vianney College Trek - June 2010


St. Louise - August 2010 (Kelsey Harrington & Lupita)